Barbados – Day 7: Beach Bums The Sequel and a Spanish Lesson

On Friday morning, we figured it out…we put the grown up cereal/granola in some naturally sweetened yogurt from the Dover Market. It was just what we were looking for since the kid cereal had vanished. (We typically figure things like this out by Friday.)

Obviously, we didn’t have much planned as it was the last day of our vacation that wouldn’t include travel. We went down to the beach early and posted up in two great chairs. I downloaded a book on my Kindle (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) that was pretty good, a little odd, but good…and now I can see the movie :)…and a couple of book samples – Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life and Cleopatra: A Life, both books I’d seen other people reading (along that note, the Kindle makes it difficult to snoop on other people’s beach books because you can’t see the covers. Fortunately for me, not everyone has made the switch. I tried to keep T mostly in the shade, but he got bored, so he went up to the room to mix some drinks for us and get his iPod.

Around 12:30, we went to the Dover Market for lunch…they have a little deli in there. It was a good thing we were eating when we did because I got a little light headed standing in line at the deli. Because of that, we decided to eat on our balcony in the room. I had a Cheese Cutter (which is a salt bun CUT almost in half with a giant slab of cheese in the middle) and some Cole Slaw and some Cheddar Sun Chips…cheese me up, Scotty. T had a Ham and Cheese Basket (which is a croissant with ham and cheese folded up like a basket) and French Onion Sun Chips. For dessert, we had Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies – two a piece.

We rested a little bit until I started feeling a bit better then headed back down to the pool. We chose some chairs that that an umbrella and were sort of in the shade. We laid there reading and napping and swimming (not all at once or necessarily in that order, of course) until about 4:30, then, because it was a little hazy, we went up to the room to get ready for dinner.

Our reservation was at 7 and our taxi was scheduled for pick up at 6:45 so we packed up a little bit, showered and relaxed with two large glasses of wine to finish off the alcohol we’d bought to consume while at the hotel. At that point, our only waste would be about a half a pint of two percent milk and half a bag of the granola. Go us!

At about 6:40 we headed down to the front desk to inquire about checkout. They gave us a copy of our bill (only about $200 Barbados dollars) and we paid them then headed off to dinner.

We ate at Brown Sugar…another restaurant that caught my eye due to its Southern sounding name, but it was lauded as an authentic Bajan restaurant with authentic Bajan fare. Upon further research, I found that Monday nights there were buffet night and had all the foods we were looking for throughout the week…seriously authentic Bajan cuisine. Obviously, we missed the Monday buffet and would be back at work in the states by the time the next Monday buffet rolled around, so we tried it for dinner…only logical

As an appetizer, we had Flying Fish and Cou Cou with a red gravy/sauce (not cous cous)…the National Dish of Barbados. You’ve heard of flying fish already this week, but this wasn’t breaded and fried it was baked and rolled and placed on top of a cake of Cou Cou…which is basically cornmeal and okra bits, possibly some peppers. It was delicious and we were thrilled to have been able to try it. Though, again, even as they called it the National Dish of Barbados, we found it odd that only one place we went even had it on the menu…but nonetheless, we enjoyed it and may try to add it to our dinner rotation at some point.

For dinner, I had the Seafood Medley (which was all sorts of seafood…shrimp, fish, scallops, crab, etc. served au gratin with a white sauce) accompanied by local fruits and veggies (including plantains and crystafiend – unsure of the spelling there but will get back to you on it – squash and little twists of squash and beets). T got a kick out of me asking the lady what all the veggies were because when I didn’t ask about the potatoes, she pointed at them and said, “Those are potatoes.” Which tickled T. Also, he was gloating because I told him the squash was sweet potato and he disagreed and I said, “I’m not sure you really know what a sweet potato tastes like when it isn’t covered in butter and cinnamon…” He was right, and I was wrong. T had a sweet pork loin stuffed with plantains and bacon…it was also very tasty. He had the same sides as me.

After dinner, we looked for a cab. Ironically, we had to walk a little ways to find one when all week we couldn’t take two steps without someone yelling “taxi” at us. When we found the drivers the hostess had directed us to, they were asleep in chairs. We shuffled around a bit to wake one up and said , “Are you a taxi driver?” He said yes, but then woke up the guy who was still sleeping next to him and said, “They need a ride.” Eyes barely open, he shuffled to the cab and gestured for us to open our own doors and get in. We told him where we were going and he indicated, slightly, that he had heard us and knew where he was going. The drive was slow due to construction traffic about a mile from our hotel, but on the road we needed to take to get there. At one point, we were stopped at the light they’d rigged to regulate the traffic flow there and the driver nodded off. I looked to T and mouthed, “He’s asleep.” T couldn’t hear me, so I mouthed again, “He.Is.Asleep. His.Eyes.Are.Closed.” He still couldn’t understand what I was saying, so he said, “This is when it would be great if you spoke Spanish so we could talk and he couldn’t understand.” I said, “Los ojos no es…open.” T laughed and nodded, then said, “No son abierto.” I repeated, “No son abierto.” T said, “No es bueno.” Then I practiced saying “eyes” and “open” and hoping the guy couldn’t speak Spanish, but, if he could, I doubt he would have been listening because he was basically asleep. 🙂

We arrived, thankfully, back at the hotel, stopped by the desk to sign our bill and schedule our checkout time and shuttle pick up. Good thing we did that because they had us scheduled for 6:45 pick up (which probably would have been fine, but we wanted to be safer than sorrier) and asked them to change it to 5:15. The driver originally scheduled decided he didn’t want to pick us up then (who can blame him) so they had to find us another. It worked out fine though.

We finished packing what we could when we got back up to the room and fell into bed.


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