Barbados – Day 8: Travel (A Re-Run)

On the plane (9:30am):

I didn’t sleep well last night, not sure T did either, but my alarm went off at 4am just the same. I took a shower and then woke T up to do the same. We packed up the last of our stuff (I even managed to pack that half bag of granola to ensure that our only waste was the half pint of milk…go me!)

We got on the taxi at 5am and just as we were approaching the airport, it started to rain (yesssssss!) making leaving not seem so bad. In the airport, we had some rather disgusting ham, egg and cheese croissants. Then went to wait on our plane. We ran into our friends from Maine at the gate and exchanged business cards. (If you’re reading this blog, Griswolds, it was so nice to meet you and to have some familiar UT alumni faces on the island!) We loaded the plane and as I type this we are just about an hour and twenty minutes out of Miami. The plane is super full and it’s a little hot. The lady next to me was playing poker on her iPhone with the noise on, she couldn’t hear it because she had Bose headphones on…shuffling sounds repeating…and it was making me blink a lot. I debated not asking her to turn the sound off, but we are still a ways out and she didn’t seem to be tiring of the game, so I asked her. I feel a little bag because her husband turned the sound off for her, but she lost the game and had to start over. (I said a little bad…not a lot, because, like I said, we are still a ways out.)

Also, as I was typing this, T said, “We will see about ‘Go you'” in reference to my granola smuggling. He said, “If I have to leave you in Miami, I will.” I said, “If they ask me to throw it away, I will, but we have to try, Bubba, we have to try!” Aren’t we a funny pair?!?!

They’re showing The Office and Parks & Rec reruns on the plane and some awful movie called In Time with Justin Timberlake…I decided not to watch and finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I will probably start the Coco Chanel book, but it’s only a sample so I won’t be able to download the rest if I like it until I can get free WiFi. Same with Cleopatra,

T is in the window seat because I don’t like to climb over two people when I have to pee, which is a lot because I have a nervous bladder when I fly. I never think, on these flights together, to pick aisle seats for us. Anyway, we are flying over islands and I still believe, we believe, that it would be super cool if islands were like maps with big labels on them so that as you fly over them, you could tell what they were, or the pilot should tell you, but that that would probably be annoying if you were trying to sleep. Or they should make the flight attendants know what they are so when you ask they don’t look dumb and you don’t feel dumb…but alas, that’s not the case.

Also, we are at the back of the plane…like one row in front of the bathroom so it’s a good thing we have a three hour layover in Miami because I have a feeling it might take that long to get off the plane and through customs. We both have 750mls of dark rum and T has an extra liter of silver in his bag. We think we are each allowed one liter duty-free, but can’t decided if we think they will make us throw away/give up the extra liter of silver rum or if we will just have to pay taxes on it. Stay tuned!

I think when I touch down in Miami and get to our gate, my first call will be to Miss Sharon to check on her and how she did with Winston. Remember, our friend Kelly had to lock him in our bedroom since he wouldn’t come out from under the bed. Apparently, and I’ve never seen it, he can be a real jerk when I’m not around and other people are encroaching on his space. T says it makes him worry about my children rearing abilities, I tell him it should help he want to ensure that I’m never a single mother. We both joke of course, I’ll be a great mom! Haha. šŸ™‚ Also, I think I will have Chinese food for lunch. I must not have done too badly this week, because the jeans I wore down here (and didn’t wear all week) still fit. We will see what the scale says tomorrow morning…maybe Monday morning…maybe Tuesday!

We are about 40 minutes out now…blah!

In the airport (12:55pm):
Landed safely, made it through customs (with all rum, guava cheese and granola), rechecked bags and then went through security again.

Managed to outwit and outrun several schools of airport jellyfish (people walking around with no idea what to do or where to go who just bounce around the walkways in a meandering fashion getting in the way). I got Chinese food (at the same place we ate last year after the honeymoon) and T got Nathan’s hot dogs and fries. Now we are just waiting to board our flight to Nashville (goes out of Miami at 3:15pm Nashville time).

On the second plane (3:30pm):
At 2:45pm they started boarding our flight to Nashville. They made some calls about needing a couple people willing to give up their seats on this flight for a $500 flight voucher, a meal voucher and a guaranteed seat on the next flight out – a little research showed that wouldn’t be until about 3:15pm TOMORROW, so we didn’t oblige. As they called the final boarding call, we handed over our tickets and went to board the plane in the most convoluted way…had to go outside, walk past several other boarding areas, hear planes taking off and then stand in line for a good 15 minutes waiting to be given instructions about what to do. When we finally boarded, we were lucky enough to have almost a plane full of kids just coming back from a mission trip. By the looks of it, none of them were allowed caffeine or processed sugars growing up and went wild on the stuff in the airport. There were rowdy teens with sugar highs and Chacos as far as the eye could see…blah! One was behind me kicking my seat…she actually popped the bag off it’s snaps…”Hey, I appreciate the work you did, but knock it off and take it down a notch…Mountain Dew is not your friend.”

We took off a little behind schedule and even though it’s almost four now and we get in at 4:30pm, it 4:30pm Nashville time, not Miami or Barbados time…that’s right, by the time we get home we will have been in three time zones today (non-consecutively). This flight is about 2.5 hours.

When we get there we will head to the Radisson to get our car and make the two and a half hour drive home.

Home (8:45pm):
It is so good to finally be home. Winnie is in a tear, but being sweet as ever to me. He is meowing quite a bit, but I think he’s just telling us how crappy it was to be left alone all week…plus there was a small incident where he was locked in our bedroom for two days. Poor thing.

Anyway, as one final act of rebellion for being home, we ordered Marco’s Pizza and breadsticks for dinner. Tomorrow, I get on the scale. Yuck!

It’s been a great trip and was the perfect way to celebrate our one year anniversary. We think next year we will vacation stateside in the summer (of course taking an anniversary weekend trip of some kind) so we can save some money for a different kind of international trip…maybe Europe!

Anyway, hope these posts weren’t too obnoxious while you were sitting in the cold watching it rain. We just want to share our trip with you. Pictures to come later.

(Also, as a side note, I hope you’ll be understanding of any typos or incorrect grammar in these Barbados posts because I did them on my iPad, while traveling, sunbathing and drinking rum…I’m sure there are a few mistakes here and there, but you get the gist…I’ll be back to my proper English ways in the next post, hopefully. :))


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