A Little Change in Plans

It’s been a pretty good week back to work for me…some interesting events have come up and have put a slight change in my travel plans over the next month or so, but I think it’s going to be a pretty good opportunity. Here’s how it shook out..

Checked in with my supervisor on Monday morning, raring and ready to get back to work. I had been able to check email while we were gone just to stay in the loop in case something major came up. I had some deals I’d been working on before I left, and, though I’d put them on hold and alerted those clients that I would be gone, I wanted to be aware if anything came up. Fortunately, nothing did, but that meant that I wasn’t too overwhelmed Monday morning. Anyway, in the conversation with my supervisor it came up that I needed to reach out to my RVP of Marketing…so I did. Now, some of you know that I was slated to cover some portion of a maternity leave for a girl in my region, but that wasn’t supposed to start until March 23. We spoke before I left (me and the girl) and decided to set up a call for when I got back so we could go over everything…BUT she ended up having to go into the hospital Sunday night (the night before this Monday we are talking about) and was having the baby Monday. On top of that, their mall manager transferred properties and they were waiting on the new one to come. So while she was on leave, there would be no marketing director or mall manager.

My first trip to Oklahoma City wasn’t supposed to be until April 9th, but now I’m going Monday (as in March 19th)…and just about every other week until mid-May.

I’m excited and super-flattered that they think this is something I’m capable of doing, but I’m still a little nervous. The property I’m going to is a good one and a big producer. The director there is a huge veteran with Simon, so it’s a big job. I’m also a little nervous about the extent of the travel, but it’s a pretty good opportunity to do favors and scratch backs.

After that call, I spent some time freaking out about the lack of knowledge I had about this center, but got to work anyway. I researched the financials and completed those and then also reached out to my RVP of Business Development to see what his expectations are. It turns out, I might be accompanied on my second trip to OKC by both RVPs. Which, again, is a good opportunity for face time, but a little overwhelming at the same time.

Anyway, the rest of the week, I’ve just been catching up at my malls and seeing what kind of stuff we can find and rake in. I did close a deal Friday right at the end of the day that I’m excited about so I ended the week on a pretty high note.

I just have to make sure that I pack a ton of Big Girl Panties next week to get me through the first week. So, if you think about it, send some good vibes my way.


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