Sunday Dinner

Tonight was supposed to be my night to cook for Framily Dinner, but due to my unplanned travel tomorrow, I decided against it. I still cooked for us though so I could be certain I’d have at least one good, non-mall fast food meal. We had Honey Balsamic Tuna Steaks with Green Leaf Lettuce Salad and Arborio Rice. Salad was topped with carrot curls, Parmesan cheese and mushrooms (and Bub’s had black olives). For dressing I made a homemade Dijon honey mustard.


To make the glaze for the fish I mixed 1.5 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, 1.5 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, .25 tsp each of pepper and garlic salt. I mixed it in a pie pan and let the fish sit a bit and occasionally brushed the glaze over it. Bub grilled them, basting throughout. I made double sauce (repeat recipe above) so we would have extra glaze for the fish and rice. As you can see…and as I said…we used tuna steaks, but we’ve used salmon before too. I think any hearty fish would do great or even a real steak, but I’d stay away from white fish because the sauce would probably be overpowering.

The rice was Arborio, made in our rice maker…with part chicken broth (1.25 cups), beef broth (1.25 cups) and water (.5 cups) — because we didn’t have enough of anything — a handful of minced onions (dried) and two tablespoons of butter. Bub put it together with the recipe from the container.

We ate on the back porch as Toby ran herself ragged. When the bugs started biting, we came inside.

Even though I cooked three meals today, dinner tonight was pretty easy with Bub manning the grill. I’m such a lucky lady!


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