Trials of a Traveler


I know that a lot of people travel for work. And I know that a lot of those travelers are married. But this is really the first time I’ve traveled for work alone and it’s the longest time I’ve traveled away from Bub. My other work trips have been two nights maximum and have actually worked out pretty well where I had boocoo left overs or Bub had other evening commitments at which he would be fed…that isn’t the case here.

Now he will probably have one evening work commitment and basketball will be going on, so he’ll probably make it out for a game or two, but he still needs to eat and I don’t want him to eat PB&J for four nights. (Though he does make a delicious one.) Keeping that in mind, I made a menu for him for this week…we will see how it works out.

I am cooking dinner to tonight, but I don’t think our tuna steaks, rice and salad will yield much leftovers. So I had to get creative…I took to the blogosphere to find out how to freeze meals and also how to make it for one to eliminate waste. I did stumble upon some good ideas. Unfortunately, there is little diversity for Bub this week and he’s stuck with mostly Italian cuisine. One night he will have pizza and one night he’ll have lasagna. Here’s what I did…

I made a pizza crust (baked four minutes at 500) and prepped my pizza with sautéed and shredded chicken, chopped mushrooms, black olives, frozen spinach (dethawed and patted dry) on a base of light Alfredo sauce.


I popped that in the freezer to set and then will wrap it with foil and cling wrap. All Bub will have to do is unwrap it and pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes.


For the lasagna, I took the premade, frozen meat ravioli, premade pasta sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese and combined it in layers (sauce, ravioli, cheese, sauce, ravioli, cheese, sauce, cheese) in a Pyrex single serve bowl.


I topped it with aluminum foil and wrote the instructions for cooking on the top. All Bub will have to do is pop it in the oven as is (covered) for 25 mins, uncover and cook about 15 more minutes. He can either put together a salad or have some buttered toast and have a pretty good meal.


Fortunately, there is also still some Just Like Thanksgiving Meatloaf and cheesy mashed potatoes and peas in the fridge too if he were so inclined to have that.

Thanks to a little planning ahead, I feel much better about maintaining my wifely duties while I’m not home. Next time I travel, I’m going to pick up some tamales from a lady who works in the food court at Knoxville Center (Tamale Express) for him and make him some rice and refried beans…and maybe some tuna noodle casserole. We will see, but I’m interested to see how my homemade frozen pizza turns out because that might be a good option just to have on hand all the time in a couple different favors. Ya know?

Well, I’m off to paint my nails and wait for the laundry to finish so I can finish packing. I’ve got an early wake up call tomorrow for my 5:45a flight! Blah!


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