It’s my second day/night in Oklahoma City and, I have to say, it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done!

I was all worried that I was going to be miserable and lonely…but it isn’t.

I won’t tell you I slept that well, because I didn’t. I have two double beds in my hotel room, and that’s nice (because I have one for sitting and dressing and eating and one for sleeping), but my pillows are too firm so that makes it hard for me to nest, which I like to do when I’m by myself. Also, my shower is pretty gross, but I’m making it work. My next trip here, I’m staying at the Courtyard by Marriott (and utilizing my Marriott points). Like I said, this isn’t terrible, but I think the room will be better next time.

Back to THIS trip…

The trip here was my first solo flight…seriously…I’ve never flown alone in my life. Growing up I traveled with my mom and sister. In college I traveled with friends and now I travel with my husband. It was an interesting experience because I didn’t check my bag (for obvious reasons), but took it with me to the gate and that seemed to work pretty well. This was also the first time I’ve ever rented a car. I’m driving a Ford Escape and I love it. I honestly might just drive it straight back to Knoxville and not turn it in. šŸ™‚

My work days have been pretty busy because I’m still doing Knoxville Center and West Town stuff, but peppering in a little bit of Penn Square stuff too. It’s a good test of my knowledge to be here answering questions and being an authority figure. The latter is a little tougher for me than you’d think because I still feel really new even though I’m well trained (and considered a veteran with Simon). I’m still giving myself the Big Girl Panties speech each morning and a little bit faking until I’m make it. It’s almost like if I believe I’ve got the knowledge and authority to make big decisions then the rest of the staff I’m squatting on will too. šŸ™‚

The one thing I don’t love about this work travel thing is the eating situation. I try very hard at home to be regimented in what I eat throughout the week and keep my splurging for weekends and date nights. When I travel, obviously that’s more difficult to do. I can’t really make dinner, save leftovers, and take those for lunch, but I think I’ve got something figured out. My hotel offers continental breakfast so I had that…Frosted Flakes and grapefruit. For lunch I had a Grilled Chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A.

After work, I ran back to the hotel to put on my gym clothes and headed to barre3-OKC to take a barre3 class. It’s basically a fusion between yoga, Pilates and ballet. It wasn’t a super-strenuous hour workout, but it was intensive, focusing on thighs, abs and arms. I really loved it because it felt like a good workout, but still enabled me to relax at the end of the day.

I wouldn’t think that doing only barre3 would work for me, but it is certainly a great change of pace to the cardio and strength training I’m used to. I think it’s a great option to pepper in once or twice a week. I highly recommend…and if you want to take the class with me…I’m registered to take one in Knoxville on Friday and then the next Thursday (the 29th) at 5:45. Please join me!

After my workout at barre3, I went to Whole Foods and ordered some grub from the deli. I ordered a Pecan Crusted Catfish filet, a serving of crunchy sweet potato mash and a side of portobello soy nuggets. To drink I had a yummy fizzy grapefruit drink. I also got a yummy little chocolate that had hazelnut and caramel in it for dessert.

(Let’s recap, I drove to a yoga/Pilates/ballet infusion class in my Ford Escape and then went to Whole Foods to order fish, sweet potatoes and portobello soy nuggets…if I didn’t get so mad at my Garmin, I’d argue that I could certainly be a hipster!)

After grabbing my dinner, I came back to the hotel, heated up my food and ate on my second bed while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (ok, so maybe I couldn’t be a hipster). I chatted with my husband and then with my mom and now I’m blogging. I’m also so excited that i have a couple soy portobello nuggets left over for lunch tomorrow. If I can just find some vegetables to add in there, I’ll have a pretty yummy and healthy lunch tomorrow (I should have thought about that WHILE I was at Whole Foods, but the thought didn’t come to me until I was back at the hotel).

Like I said, it hasn’t been terrible and I can certainly see the value of being here. I’m gaining confidence and expanding my knowledge base. I’m also learning to work outside my comfort zone and embrace the movement of my cheese. I’m being more flexible (made these travel plans very short notice) and trying hard to go with the flow (see Twitter feed for a break down of travel woes…I won’t recap those here). Plus it’s nice for the mall to have a director here because then they have someone to field the walk in and call in inquiries…got one today that may actually play out to be a pretty good deal…that is if “substantial budget” means the same thing to her as it does to me!

Anyway…thanks for checking in with me…I’m doing great and feeling good (even though I severely miss my husband…and my cat…and my dog…and my mom….and my sister)!

I’m off now to wash my face with my Herbalism face wash and Vodka sea salt face scrub…ok, maybe I could be a hipster!

Love to all.


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