Dinner Tonight

Tonight, we had Lemon Pepper Parmesan Pollock with asparagus, arborio rice and cranberry sauce.


The rice and cranberry sauce were leftovers. The steamed asparagus was served with a new sauce: one cup mayo, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoon prepared horseradish mixed well (from Healthy Cooking).

T found the pollock recipe here. It was pretty good, but a little fishier and watery than I typically like. Next time, I might just use the marinade for another kind of fish.

I’m taking one of the fish filets and some asparagus for lunch. I also made some tipsy mushrooms but slicing some of the mushrooms for our dinner tomorrow and microwaving them for two minutes in a bowl with dry cooking sherry. They turned out sort of sautéed. I have a feeling I’ll end up eating just the mushrooms and asparagus if the fish doesn’t reheat well (but I have like 15 asparagus stalks so I should be fine). 🙂

Tomorrow we are having one pot spaghetti…or Makeover Easy-Does-It Spaghetti (the cover photo on Healthy Cooking’s April/May issue). It makes four servings so T should have some leftovers for while I’m in Nashville this week. Here is the recipe.

It’s a little higher in calorie count than I like (414), but it should be hearty enough to be a one plate meal and sustain T this week. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.


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