So Fresh and So Clean (Clean)

It’s all the rage right now…everything is fresh and clean, organic and all that. Well we’re getting on board.

Last weekend, we started with herbs. We had been talking about it for a bit, but finally bit the bullet. We bought a planter, some soil, some herbs and got to work. Bub hung the planter for me and I filled it. We got four kinds of herbs: Italian parsley, sweet basil, cilantro, sage and a tiny banana pepper plant. They are growing so great…so I kind of have the bug. My friend Kelly is growing an amazing garden in her back yard with boucou veggies and I’m so envious.

Here is a photo of the herb planter:


We thought this would be a good way to venture into gardening. We went this way with these herbs because we buy fresh herbs sometimes for meals and have to buy a big bushel of which only a pinch or two gets used while the rest goes to waste. So we planted our own.

Tonight we put our herbs to use (we did do a pizza last week right after we planted them where I used the basil in my sauce) for the first time. On the menu was garlic studded grouper with sage butter, sautéed carrots with sage and garlicky roasted potatoes with herbs.


Everything in the meal was fresh! Yukon gold potatoes, baby carrots (even though they came from a bag), even Grouper from The Shrimp Dock (that Bub picked up on the way home from work). The only non-fresh ingredients were salt and pepper, Kroger stick butter and minced garlic (I copped out of that because the minced is just so easy). Everything from the outer rim of the grocery store. It’s a cool feeling.

So my excitement over the herbs and they envy of Kelly’s garden I convinced Bub to let me do a tomato plant and two cucumber plants. I picked those up today. The tomato is a “Big Boy” but it was already planted and growing and blooming with the tomato cage attached to the planter so I just plopped the cucumber plants in on either side. Then, because I really wanted to grow carrots too, I went in search of them and stumbled upon this:


Most of you know plants are due a certain death when in my world…so I got this little kit (made for kids) that you register online and then you watch these adorable little vegetable themed videos that tell you EXACTLY what to do. It even emails you when it’s time to do the next thing. It’s pretty cute. So I planted my carrot, Roma tomato, Romain lettuce and cucumber seeds and will cultivate them inside then move them outside when I get the email from Yuke the Cuke telling me to. 🙂 While I was planting my salad seeds, Bub was making his own granola.

Here is how it turned out…it’s his own recipe and everything. He did some research and combined a few things and made his own recipe. I didn’t help him at all. It turned out delicious and smelled awesome.


It was a fun night planting and cooking and enjoying things that we did together. I’m super excited to see the other vegetables grow. I wish we had a flatter area for gardening because if it works, I’d like to do stuff for the fall (sweet potatoes, potatoes, and more…). I think I could build a planter pretty easily, it’s just a matter of finding where it would have to go. It’s definitely on my fall project list. It’s certainly a learning experience and its fun to do the research to figure out what to do when. While I am super pumped about our new venture into being green and resourceful, (if I’m being totally honest) I can’t help but be a little sad that the person I know who knows the most about creating gardens from the ground up (no pun intended) and what to plant when for each season isn’t around anymore. My dad is great with gardens and grows a ton of stuff each season, but it is what it is…he’s not around and that’s the way it’s gotta be. I’m lucky Bub is my person because we will figure it out together (with the help of the Growums videos and Lowes garden experts). 🙂

Also, today is our 3 year dateiversary so the hubs brought home a beautiful bouquet for me. I put it into the vase that the bouquet he gave me the night we got engaged to celebrate. 🙂


Beside it is the Growums Salad Garden grow kit and the indoor parsley. (That’s the only place Winnie won’t get to so its where all the kitty-unfriendly things go…near the wine. Tee hee hee.)
Thanks for reading! Happy summer everyone!


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