Eggs and Herbs

Tonight we continued the pattern of using home grown herbs and fresh veggies.

We had a Frittata with Mushrooms, Linguine and Basil.


Bub topped his with Chalula and I used ketchup…after I took this photo. (I think I get this from my Aunt Becky…Beck, don’t you put ketchup on your eggs?)

Of course, the cheese was bought at Kroger as were the eggs since we don’t have chickens here…though if we did, I’m sure Toby would pay them no mind…just like the bunnies she has befriended by choosing to live in complete apathetic harmony with them. Also, I didn’t make my own whole wheat pasta, though I am certain I could!

The side was a spinach salad…just bag spinach (when my Growums lettuce grows–actually my whole Growums salad garden–we will use that, not the bagged stuff), part skim mozzarella and some chopped walnuts. My dressing was a little mustard mixed with honey and red wine vinegar.

FYI…the recipe above (linked) called for me to prep the frittata in a skillet on the stove and then bake it in the oven. I didn’t use an oven friendly skillet, so I just let it simmer a bit longer on the stove. It made a nice crispy bottom. Yummmmm! The only difference in the results of the extra long simmer and the baking, I’m sure was the aforementioned crispy bottom and the fact that the cheese on top wasn’t browned…but it was melty enough it didn’t matter.

Anyway, quite the tasty meal.


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