It’s here! It’s here!

It’s finally here! And so it begins….my first sprout from my Growums garden kit.


It felt like cheating to buy a tomato plant with two tomatoes already on it especially after I just planted the herbs and was only tasked with keeping them alive, so, as I’ve mentioned, I was pumped to try a project from scratch. The kiddie website says to give ten days for the plants to start sprouting. I’ve been diligently watering them as instructed. (They are in a self-watering tray and I fill that with water if it gets dry so the plant bulbs take as much or as little water as they need.) I planted them earlier this week…Monday, I think, so we are are halfway through the waiting period where I will need to plant more seeds if nothing else pops up.

Silly, I know, but still exciting!


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