My Planter Box Brings All The Boys to the Yard

Now that I’ve got eight (sort of ten) of my seedlings growing (two bok choi, two Roma tomatoes, two cucumbers, two leaf lettuce, and two of the four carrots), it’s time to start thinking about where they will live when it’s time to put them in the ground.

As I’ve said before, I was super envious of Kelly’s planter box and set to deciding what kind of planter box we would have and where it would go in our 90-degree sloping yard.

After some discussion, we decided whatever it was would go in the backyard. (My thought was that if/when we decide to show our house, our dog and our garden would make our totally unusable back yard seem useable.) Once we had the location, and I has some greenery growing from my seed starters to ensure we’d be growing more than rocks, we had to figure out what we wanted to put together. Remember, we have to take the sloping back yard into consideration.

I found this plan… on Pinterest and decided that it would work best for us with a little adjustment to account for our slope (read: mountainous, crater-filled cliff).

Hold your horses fans, because I did some algebra to figure out how to put this thing together…effectively blowing my husband’s mind (similarly to when I showed him the incredibly complex, multi-layer excel sheet budget for our wedding). Here is what it looked like…


Essentially, I went outside and determined where on our slope I wanted the box. It actually ended up being placed closer to the side fence and farther from the front fence. But I knew, based on the plan, that one side would be about ten inches tall, so I needed to figure out what height I would need to have on the south side of it so that it would be somewhat level…so I used…wait for it…the Pythagorean Theorem…A squared plus B squared equals C squared, right?

So we came up with this…


The math at the bottom translates to the triangle if space you see at the bottom part of the structure (closest to you if you’re on the deck). You can’t really see it here, but we have an additional two by six on the south side of this (downhill) to help make it more level. That board in the middle is a scrap piece from the yard.

Where the Theorum came in is that I have an extra two by six that needs to be sliced diagonally down the middle to fill in the open triangle you see at the base (because there is another one on the other side). The extra board set at the base is the one that needs to be cut. Once I have those to put in, I will line the bottom of this with newspaper (biodegradable and less expensive than weed/grass blocking paper) then top that with soil. Then we will do “square foot planting” in the 16 square feet with my veggies from my Growums and maybe the banana peppers we started in the herb garden. Anyone want to make that cut for me?!?!? We don’t have an electric saw.

My Bub was great with this…with teamwork we finished it in about a half hour. He’s the best.

For now though, we are basking in the glory of our project…in its first phase (or second phase if you could the seedlings as the first phase) and are about to watch True Blood. My husband just sent this to my email to point out that tonight we are back in our queen bed (last night we were in the king bed at his parent’s house) so I’ll need to be more mindful of my bed bullying. (I’m “your” in this graphic.)

Here’s hoping my sleeping self can be more courteous and that we can find someone to cut this board for us…though the two thoughts are completely unrelated.


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