A Couples Beach Vacation: Day 1

As I sit on our amazing balcony today listening to some music mixed with the crash of the waves on the beach (very poetic, I know), I can’t help but think life is pretty awesome.

I’ve got a tasty bagel with homemade in Tennessee almond butter and cream cheese and a great plan for day two at the beach.

Yesterday we left the house at 5 a.m. It took a bit of rearranging and puzzle doing to get all the necessities into Clint and Mary’s jeep, but we made it work without having to leave anything behind. Clint drove, Bub navigated and Mary and I slept/read/bossed from the back seats. We got down here around 1 or 2 p.m., settled into our awesome condo, grabbed an overpriced, just-ok lunch at Bubbas (just because) and Mary and I got matching tshirts. Then we hit the grocery store to keep our costs down this week…sandwich meat and fixins and breakfast stuff and all. After the grocery, we enjoyed a sit on our balcony until it was time to head to dinner.

We had intended to have dinner at Floribama, but were talked out of it by our cab driver who told us to eat at Happy Harbor instead. It was a fine enough meal. I had a delicious crawfish and corn chowder and the salad bar. Bub had a blackened grouper and a WAY over-buttered piece of corn and some rice. Clint and Mary split a Grouper Florentine with rice and broccoli. We shared some Yellowfin Smoked Tuna dip and crackers and bushwackers for dessert (an ice cream based drink with chocolate syrup…can’t go wrong in my opinion). After dinner (which was cheaper than our mediocre lunch) we headed over to Floribama but were dissuaded from going in when a nice couple from Maryville told us it wasn’t really worth the $3 cover to get in and that we should try it again later in the week. Gotta love East Tennesseans! šŸ™‚

After catching a ride back from a very helpful cab driver home, we walked the beach and played with some kids who were catching sand crabs in buckets with flashlights. It was so creepy. The kids were disturbing the crabs with the light and as they scooted across the sand, they would catch them in nets and put them in a bucket. One kid’s bucket looked like something off Fear Factor with all those tiny, spider-looking crabs running around in there…so creepy. We put our feet in the ocean and then made our way back up to bed as it was a VERY long day!

Today, we are headed to the beach…and that’s it. I got up early and did my 100 workout as instructed by my trainer so I feel pretty good about my ability to do whatever I want today. We might venture up for lunch and then Mary and I are going to pick up dinner (a pre-made low country boil) from a place called Steamers and bring it back so we can eat on our balcony with an amazing beach view…


Not too bad, huh?


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