A Couples Beach Vacation: Day 3

I write again sitting on the balcony of our condo listening to the waves and looking out over the ocean. We really do have a spectacular view and the weather has been pretty good. Not too sunny, not too rainy, but just the right amount of each to keep us from over or underdoing it.

Yesterday was more of the same, we got up, had breakfast, sent the boys for some necessities and then made our way down to the beach. As I mentioned in the last post, we hadn’t been super impressed with the people here…thinking most of them are rude and not capable of observing proper personal space.

When we got to our spots though after Mary and I finished our workouts, we were able to maneuver a bit and get a place to ourselves. To our right was a family of all generations. The youngest, who the boys had played with the day before at the pool tossing a football, asked if he could borrow our volleyball. He apparently had tired of skim boarding. When they brought it back, I said, “Ok, since you’ve played with our stuff…I want to learn to skim board.” So the training commenced. (I should note, that at this point, my husband had walked back up to the pool to use the restroom, so he was nowhere in sight.)

The first attempt was no good. My feet got onto the board, but barely. I fell and busted my left leg and got a little road rash to show for it. But of course, I decided to try a second time. For the second attempt, my legs flew over my head and I landed on my back…rewarded with some road rash on my backside and a swimsuit full of sand. At this point, Clint had joined in the training and was doing little better than me, but was still trying. When Tanner returned, I said, “Hey honey, watch this…” and tried for the third (as it’s always a charm, right?). I then proceeded to jump onto the board, fall immediately off and have my ankle twist in a way it shouldn’t and that was the end of that. I floundered around a bit as no one was sure whether I was laughing or crying. When Bub figured it out, he tossed me over his shoulder and carried me to my chair. I sat there a bit with ice on my leg and people fussing over me, but a nurse nearby scared us into going to the emergent care clinic.

So we did. The boys carried me up the beach and I half hobbled/half hopped to the car. When we got to emergent care, I realized, that in the fluster, I had left in just my swimsuit with no cover up, or shoes. At that point, I didn’t care, but quickly felt bad about it when we pulled into the center and a group of high school cheerleaders was there volunteering…not so great for my self esteem. The nurses were so nice, I had managed to call ahead and tell them we were coming, so they met me with a wheel chair and gave me a robe to wear after they wheeled me straight from the street to an exam room.

As I waited, they offered me a snack. The nurse said, “Would you like an oatmeal cream pie to settle your stomach?” I said sure, of course. When she came back with water she said, “I forgot, but we have Bruster’s ice cream out there, would you like some of that? We have chocolate raspberry and birthday cake flavor.” I said, birthday cake and she returned with an oatmeal cream pie AND some birthday cake ice cream. Everyone said it was a big show just to get some ice cream.

Anyway, they xrayed my ankle and fortunately it isn’t broken, but it is a high ankle sprain and I’m stuck in a boot for the next week. It makes the beach a little difficult, but I went back out yesterday and just carefully maneuvered the sand. Today, I’m going to try wrapping it in a trash bag and taping it to my leg so that I might be able to get in the water. We will see how it goes.


Now all this sounds like I took this like a champ, I really didn’t. I cried like a baby sporadically for the rest of the afternoon. Though at the clinic, I tried to be really cheerful because it seemed to get us better service. (On another side note: if you are ever injured in Gulf Shores and need urgent care, I suggest going to the one on the parkway. They were so nice to us. The whole ordeal from fall to return to the beach was less than two hours.) I must say, though, that everyone who saw me said, “Oh I had a friend who broke their doing that.” That’s what I get for thinking I could keep up with a kid, but, man, that eight year old made it look sooooooo easy!

I came up from the beach a little earlier than everyone else to give myself time for a pity party and to shower before dinner. By that time, I was ok. For dinner, we went to Tacky Jacks and had some drinks, a dozen raw oysters, fish tacos, shrimp and grits, and crab cakes. After that, we went to The Hangout, had some truly awful strawberry daiquiris, heard an ok cover band (maybe called Rumor Mill) and then headed home where we all immediately crashed.

I’m the only one up right now, but I would wager it’s because my Ibuprofen has has worn off and my body wanted me to put my compression boot back on instead of hobbling around without it.

Despite the injury, this trip has been great and I look forward to another beach day today and one tomorrow. Not sure where we’ll eat tonight, but on Friday night, we’re going to Cosmos to do it up with a big nice dinner. Good thing I’ve got this Gucci boot!



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