A Couples Beach Vacation: Day 4

This post won’t be a long one because we just bummed it up on the beach yesterday.

We got up late and found a place for breakfast called Kitty’s Kafe. It was pretty tasty. I had an egg and cheese sandwich on French toast, Bub had a pork chop with eggs, Clint had steak and eggs and Mary had an omelette.

After breakfast we headed basically straight to the beach. I waited a bit to go down so I could wrap my leg up, but we were down there until the sun went down.

For dinner, we went late to DeSoto. It was crowded, but we waited at the bar and had some oysters and then sat down to our meal. Clint finally got his red snapper (fried). Mary had hers grilled. I had a platter with scallops, shrimps and fish. None of us but Clint was able to finish our meal they were so big.

After dinner we went to Floribama to listen to music and hang out. We stayed until they closed and came home to fall into bed. Unfortunately, when we got home, we had to make all the beds because we changed rooms and had washed all the sandy sheets. Poor planning on our part.

Today, we may fish some off the pier and hang on the beach. Our plan is to have dinner at Cosmo’s tonight, but are dreading the wait. Supposedly it’s very good, but you have to wait forever. Some lady told us it was worth the wait though, so we will see.


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