Holy Lo Mein and Corn Dogs

Wow. I had planned to take a photo of our dinner this week, but our pizza wasn’t super pretty (though pretty good). But…the Lo Mein, so great!

I was so excited to eat it that I forgot the photo. It was like the perfect take out meal, but made at home.

Here is the recipe.

And here is the photo from the website.


This is basically what mine looked like.

Let me tell you how I made this so easy.
– I boiled the spaghetti on Sunday and popped it into a Tupperware container and put it in the fridge.
– I bought steamer snap peas.
– I trimmed the pork on Sunday and stored it in a baggie in the fridge.
– I premade the Crab Rangoon.
– I used left over red sauce.
– I used minced garlic.

So today when I got home, I popped the peas in the microwave for half the time requested, then cut the bag open to drop them in the pan. Then I just opened the bag of sliced pork chop and dropped that in, too. Then I followed the recipe. It was amazing. So delicious. All I had to do was heat the crab Rangoon in the microwave for a bit.

Seriously, it was pretty tasty, even Bub loved it.

Next time, I might used plain peas, not snap peas, and possibly throw in some mushrooms and carrot slices.

Tonight, I’m also making mini corn dog muffins for the game on Friday.


I’m doing it tonight because we are playing in the kickball playoffs tomorrow night. And should we be crowned champions, we will have played at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30. Woo hoo!

I’m serving them up on my new UT platter!


Cute huh? And look how good these look…we will be lucky if they survive to Friday with the nibbling that goes on on this house!


Ps…the way to make these taste money is to use Hebrew Nationals hot dogs…seriously, don’t even wast your time with anything else. In the first batch, I used Jiffy box mix and added a little honey (my cornbread secret) and the second batch is made with the recipe on the back of the Kroger cornmeal…with a little honey added in. And the Hebrew Nationals are where it’s at…in both instances. The pre-mixed cornbread is a little sweeter then the from-scratch cornbread, but both are good. If you want to sweeten the from-scratch, add more honey.

I won’t lie…we already tasted these…a couple of them…for quality control, and they’re gonna be fine! GBO!


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