Summer Soup and Stir Fry

In this long Labor Day weekend, I can’t complain that I had to work because we got a big season opener win for the Vols, my corn dog minis were a big hit and I’ve had two amazing meals this weekend.

After a day at the pool with the Belchers and crew, I made a delicious summer soup from Prevention via Pinterest. With a name like Summer Corn Soup, I couldn’t pass it up.


It was delicious! Sweet. Creamy. A little spicy. And perfectly light. You HAVE to try it.

And doesn’t it look good? I didn’t make the Po Boy, but did a honey beer bread instead that turned out fabulous.


It was a perfect pairing because it was a dense bread so it was perfect for sopping up those last drops out of the bowl.

Tonight, we took two recipes from one website…Brown Orzo Risotto and some Spicy Crispy Beef.



Which we paired with the Drops of Jupiter Petite Sirah…a red wine I actually enjoyed quite a lot. Bub made the risotto and I did the beef (aren’t we an adorable team?).

I highly recommend you try all these dishes and sides! Happy cooking!


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