#BackOnTheWagon, Still Out of Shape

Ugh…this damned ankle sprain from our summer beach trip and my failed attempt at skim boarding (aka the dumbest thing I’ve ever done) is still plaguing me. I had to take several weeks off from the gym to rest and let it heal, then had to catch back up to where I was…and it’s been HARD!

I mean, I was working out ON vacation the same day I almost had to have my foot amputated (ok…amputated is a little extreme, but it was bad)…so the whole thing has been annoying.

Anyway, I’ve been getting back into it…

64 ounces of water a day and 80 grams of protein a day…back in the gym as often as I can be…tracking my meals…almost dying because I am so out of shape.

As I tweeted earlier today, two road miles are harder than two treadmill miles. And they must have been even harder than I thought they were because this new kid in the neighborhood…who has tried hard to make friends with us and has sold us Boy Scout popcorn…saw me as I was stopping for water and said, “Jeeze! You look exhausted…I saw you running! I heard if you put your hands on your head you can breathe better.” As I kind of shrugged at him pretending that I had headphones on (even though I didn’t) and couldn’t hear him, he continued, “Your face is really red!”

This is how I wanted to respond: “Hey kid, I’m aware I am out of breath. I am sweating like a man and my lungs may literally explode in a second, but you can keep on walking.”

Instead I almost killed myself running my last lap out of spite.

i finished two miles in 22:31…three laps around our neighborhood’s outer ring. Not super fast obviously…but, remember, I’m out of shape. :/

Seriously, though, haven’t the kid’s parents told him not to comment on women who are working out? Or women in general? And not just him…I don’t want anyone to say anything to me when I look like I am about to die…not even if I am actually dying as a result of a workout…just let me be. At least I’d be able to say I was doing something productive when I went. 🙂


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