Cuban Comfort Food

Hello friends!

Anyone out there? Time to dust off the old blog and make a post! I know, I know…how about a little consistency?!?


Since I last checked in, I got a promotion at work. My supervisor took a job with her old company and I told the higher-ups I was interested in stepping up…and it worked out. Effective Monday I am the Area Director of Marketing and Business Development for the two Knoxville Simon malls. I excited, but nervous to start it going into the holiday season. 🙂

Anyway, as the title is effective tomorrow, I decided today would need to be a comfort food day. But I stepped out of the box a bit and decided to make some of the hubby’s family comfort food. My parents grew up here, in the US, so my comfort food is meatloaf, mashed potatoes, burgers, spaghetti, etc. Well Tanner’s mom grew up in Cuba, so her parents/hubby’s grandparents (los abuelos) made Cuban dishes: arroz con pollo (chicken and rice), croquettes (recipe in a previous blog) and empanadas.

So today we decided to do empanadas. I did both beef and chicken…and have a ton of stuffing left over. I looked for pre-made dough (apparently Goya makes it), but couldn’t find it…so I made my own.

Don’t get me wrong…this is a time consuming process (but well worth it). We had to leave a baby birthday party today before the cake (my waist was happy about it, but my tummy wasn’t) so I would have time to do them and we wouldn’t be eating at midnight. Fortunately, we were there long enough to see the birthday girl open the super-loud (read: awesome) guitar toy we got her and to love on my bestie’s baby girl for a bit (and let’s not forget the amazing lunch).

After I made the “go inside stuff” the hubs and I stuffed these empanadas together, which was fun. He did a good job, though I did go behind him and re-seal his with a fork more forcefully than he did. 🙂 I envision us doing this with our kids…I had a picture in my mind that he did it with los abuelos too, but he says he never did and he thinks the ones he had were probably store-bought…Goya. Regardless…now I envision us doing the day long project with our kids someday!

Here are the recipes I used:
Empanada dough
Beef Empanada
Chicken Empanadas

I left the pimentos/red peppers out of the chicken ones…but other than that, besides using my own dough, I did everything else the same.

I cooked these and then added a salad…and wa-lah…

20121021-185312.jpg Looks good, huh? Hubby said they used to eat them with black beans and rice, but I didn’t want that many carbs…but see why the beans are helpful…they do get a little dry with the thick dough.

This week we are also having Louisiana catfish with corn and okra:

20121021-185729.jpg Then we are having an Indian dish…Butter Chicken with basmati rice. I first tried this in a frozen meal from Trader Joe’s, and loved it.

20121021-190055.jpg I recently found a pre-made sauce (similar to an Alfredo or canned spaghetti sauce) I can use…just cook the chicken then simmer it in this sauce for a bit. We can make the rice in the rice cooker (we are adding shallots) and be good to go. Naan (flat bread) from Trader Joe’s will top it off.

So while we aren’t having meatloaf…we are eating other comfort foods this week to help kick start my first week in a new role. It will be easy to head to work tomorrow because I am full and happy! I am such a lucky, lucky girl!


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    Abbey –

    Congratulations on the promotion!


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