Juice Cleanse: An Experiment in Willpower (Day 1)

I know it’s been a terribly long time since I blogged. I think that’s how my last five entries have started. For that, I apologize.

This blog and two others to follow will be about a new three-day challenge I’ve taken on. I’m doing a juice cleanse. Yea, I know, it’s a total fad and yes, I’m jumping on board. The stars aligned last week and I was able to get my hands on some juice and I have three low-key days without much on the calendar before a big couple of weekends, so I thought I would give it a shot.

So…if you’re thinking about commenting how dumb it is, don’t. It’s a personal thing. Sometimes I find myself slipping into a negative headspace about food. I also eat A LOT of junk (a small colony of Peeps Chicks and Bunnies made their Easter home in my belly). This cleanse is sort of a chance for me to take a hard look at my eating habits/desires and the feelings attached AND clean out my inner systems. This blog will outline the first day. Don’t read on if you’re not interested in the intricacies. 🙂

The cleanse: juice Nashville 3-day cleanse

Got up for work and started my day as normal, except opted not to wear make up. Not because of the juicing or because I was running late, but because sometimes it can be very zen to be a natural face. Also I may be working in a “clean foods, natural face” headspace. I am prepared, though, to be asked if I’m alright or told I look tired.

First juice at a few minutes before 8am. I am sitting outside the bank waiting to make a deposit. I open “c ya” and take a sip. It’s good. I was expecting more smoothie than juice, but it is definitely juice. I try to determine all the tastes first, and definitely taste the grapefruit and a hint of ginger, but nothing overpowering. The juice is comprised of orange, grapefruit, apple and ginger. Bub and I talked last night and determined this to be the best option for breakfast and the easiest intro. (Note: he is not cleansing.)

After I deposit my checks I start calculating how to space these juices out today–every 2-3 hours equates to 2.5 hours to me. I set alarms in my phone and immediately realize my last juice will be at 8:30p on this schedule. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

Also, before each juice I need to drink approximately 8oz of water too. I’m stocked up with three bottles of water to chug half of before each juice.

So far, so good minus the anxiety of whether I can do this or not and being obsessed with what comes next. How do I eat after Wednesday? Is this really a kick start? Can I stick with it?

10:20a: Alarm will sound in about 10 minutes for juice 2, so I sip-chug 8oz more of water. As I finish up, my alarm sounds.

10:30a: I decide to go with “oh yeah.” It’s the one I’m most scared of…kale, collard, apple and lemon. I give it a good shake and pour it into my cup (I’ve decided a cup is a better approach to the bottle with lid). It’s got some leafy bits hanging out at the bottom of the bottle and I’m hoping its not mold since I waited longer than three days to start the cleanse. (My friend picked up my juices on Thursday. I immediately froze them and started the cleanse on Monday. Not ideal, but I had no choice). This one is GREEN! I mean GREEN. It tastes green, like a salad. I can taste the apple a bit and know it is citrusy, but I CAN taste the kale. This one is not my favorite (out of the two), but its not bad at all. I’m having a mental block a bit about it and I’m not sure why. I love Naked Green Machine, but probably because its loaded with sugar and calories. Also probably because thinking of Green Machine makes me think of Starbucks, which makes me think of Birthday Cake Pops. Hence the cleanse.

The green juice is earthy, the spinach I’m sure, but sweet…kind of like a fine wine, it has layers. Swirl it in your cup, ignore the dregs, breathe it in (smells like a spinach salad), take a sip, swish in your mouth, feel the smoothness of the flavor and the sweet, earthy lingering.

***A side note on freezing, if you do freeze, these juices take a long time to dethaw. I mean some were rock solid after two days in the fridge after being frozen. Probably best to just drink immediately as they suggest so you don’t have to fool with all that.***

No burping with the first juice, burps with this one are salad-y. Those may be caused by how quickly I’m trying to drink this one. I don’t think I want to let it get warm…or let it settle. It is good, just different.

I’m not hungry for sure, but my bladder is FULL. TMI, I know, but legit, it’s going to be a long day!

1pm: My alarm sounds for juice three as I wrap up a meeting. My bladder is full and I’m starting to get hungry, so as we tie things up, I chug 8oz water and end the meeting.

As I move the extra chair out of my office, I see the candy bowl on my office neighbor’s desk has been refilled (Reese’s Cups) and my brain begins to wage an internal war.

I make my way to the restroom an come back to pick my juice. I settle on “i heart carrots.” Surprise y’all, it’s ORANGE! Orange. It looks like a paint brush rinsing cup. It smells like a bag of petite diced carrots and tastes like carrots. No layers, no aftertaste, it tastes like carrots. Like carrot milk…it’s a little thicker than the last two and still smooth, but different.

I’m not hating this, but I am battling the desire to have JUST ONE piece of chocolate peanut buttery goodness. I’m sure a sense of accomplishment will develop at some point when I don’t give in. I’ve got a slight headache, slight, slight, slight and am just feeling a little bored even though I’m at work–lethargic I would say. My trainer canceled, and I’m kind of glad about it. I’m debating signing up for a barre class, but think I might just walk the dog after work. We will see.

Halfway through the carrot juice and I’ve decided the first juice today was my favorite so far. I’m not mixing anything and only tasting them one at a time as to fully try each one to see what I do and don’t like.

2:40p: I’m a bit consumed with deciding what to eat when the cleanse is over and trying not to let myself get into a negative headspace about not actually eating for the next three days. I’m not really hungry, just lusting. I put all the drinks into myfitnesspal.com. All in at the end of the day, its 1350 calories consumed (roughly) – a total of 146.7 ounces of liquid consumed. It’s a bit discouraging that the “if every day were like this” feature on my fitness app says, “You’d weigh 3.2 pounds less than you do now,” but I’m reminding myself that this cleanse isn’t about weight loss, it’s about cleansing. It’s about giving my body a break from the processed and bad-for-me foods I love to consume. (I may or may not have eaten two sleeves of double-stuffed Oreos on Saturday. They were delicious, but all the while I knew all that processed cream was going to make me pay!)

I have a little less than an hour to my next juice. I’m a two on the hunger scale…not starving by any means, but want to eat. It may just be the fact that I am thinking about food right now (and that those Reece’s Cups are calling out to me LIKE A BULLHORN).

3:20p: I chugged another 8oz water. It is about time for Juice 4. At this point it’s a process of elimination. I think I want the almond milk as my last drink of the day. So that leaves “snap.” and “whoa.” They have apple, carrot, ginger and beets, apple, kale, ginger–respectively. Since I just had carrot, I think I’m gonna do “whoa.” I’m a little nervous about the flavor because when I ordered the cleanse the owner asked if I wanted to do any substitutions. I said no since I wasn’t sure what any of them tasted like and asked what she thought. She said, “If you don’t like beets, you probably won’t like the beet one.” I don’t know if I like beets, so we will see.

3:30p: Just poured my beet juice. This one smells like a salad too, and it is beet colored…definitely don’t want to spill this on yourself. After the smell, I’m having to pump myself up to taste because I know the kale flavor is there.

It’s a smooth flavor, but my face subconsciously wrinkled after the first sip. There don’t appear to be any residual floating kale pieces in it, and like I said it is smooth in the mouth, but earthily layered like the other kale one. I don’t think I taste beets, but that’s probably because I don’t know what beets taste like right off.

I’ve been storing these in a cooler so its not as cold as it could be, and that might help some. A good note for tomorrow.

I’m doing ok staying in a positive head space, I did just walk the mall and walk past an Auntie Anne’s Pretzels sample…one of my favorite things. That’s another thing this cleanse is about for me…will power…and showing myself that I can put my mind to something and stick with it. Three days isn’t that long–18 juices and 9 bottles of water–I just have 14 unopened juices (plus this one in my cup) and seven bottles of water to go. No problem…

Just finished the beet. I don’t NOT like it, it just makes my face wrinkle. You can certainly tell there is no sugar in these. The flavor IS sweet, but not in a “normal” juice way. You know you’re drinking your vegetables.

There were some dregs at the bottom of my glass on this one, like the last kale one, but I’m pretty sure they were beet pieces. My next juice is at 6p when I’m home. Then the last one at 8:30p. Maybe I should start earlier tomorrow or shorten the schedule to every two hours. I haven’t felt starved all day. I’m also not bloated. My pants are loose (but that’s because they’re a size too big). I’ll make a better effort to put myself together tomorrow :).

5:30p: Time for juice number five. If you’ve been following along, you know it’s apple, carrot, ginger.

This one is orange and you can certainly smell the ginger. You can taste the carrot, but the apple is a subtle aftertaste.

As I suspected, this is my second favorite juice so far today. After this is gone, I just have the almond milk and I’m through day one.

Again, I haven’t been hungry all day, it just hasn’t been super enjoyable. The juices taste fine overall, but I’ve been keenly aware that I’m not eating things I normally would. As I drink this juice (I like this one), I’m aware that Bub will start his scavenging challenge today for dinner since I won’t be cooking.

I’m also stockpiling things to do after I walk the dog around the neighborhood: unload and load the dishwasher, hang my laundry, upload this blog, maybe paint my nails…to help pass the time that I would normally spend munching in front of the tv.

Should I be “savoring” the juices more? I drank two today pretty normally, but the rest I’ve sort of chugged. Is that right? I’m also wondering if the residuals in my glass are because I froze the juice and then thawed and drank it or if that’s the general nature of fresh pressed juice. Any insight there would be appreciated.

Juice number five finished and I’m off to walk the dog. I moved my alarm for my last juice to 7:30p so I can have some time to “digest” before bed so I’m not getting up 100 more times than I normally do.

6:30p: It’s dinner time for the hubs. I walked the dog, put away my laundry and watched an episode of Real Housewives (OC). I tried to stay upstairs while he was cooking but the sweet smell of toast lured me downstairs. While I’m cleansing, he’s on a three-day scavenger challenge. I have my next juice in a little less than a hour.

7:30p: Time for the last juice, which is actually an almond milk. Had my last 8oz water then tried the milk. It’s good…think thinner version of BlueDiamond unsweetened almond milk. I heated mine in the microwave for about a minute and added a little bit of honey and cinnamon. I know that’s “off cleanse,” but I feel like it’s ok.

I’m finished with today and feel ok. I’m not hungry, actually kind of full. I don’t feel tired or anything, but also not super energetic.

I know this was a long post, tomorrow will probably be a little shorter, but thanks for checking in. Stay tuned for day two!


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  1. Kathy

    Good luck ! You can do this!

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