Juice Cleanse: Getting Over the Hump (Day 2)

I slept a little late today, about 30 minutes, and decided to have my first juice as soon as I got out of the shower. I didn’t wake up starving, not full or bloated either, just normal. Last night, right before bed (around 9:45p), I ate two cherry tomatoes. I was getting hungry because I finished my milk about two hours before and the cleanse allows raw fruits and vegetables if you feel you might crack. It was either that or a piece of cheese.

This morning I just wanted to get one of the kale juices out of the way. I started with “oh yeah.” Kale, collard, apple, lemon. I chugged 8oz water before opening it, but started the juice right around 7:30a.

I don’t know why, but it is a little more tolerable this morning. (My juices do look like they will require a good shake before drinking as they all have settled quite a bit. I’m sure that’s because they aren’t only three days old.) I was able to drink it down in about 15 minutes without much face scrunching. It tasted sweeter today too. A good start I think.

9:55a: My assistant director brought in Krispy Kreme donuts for security and maintenance today…and sweet Roger brought one in to me that I had to turn down. So hard.

After he left I immediately got hungry. I chugged 8oz water and waited for my Juice 2 alarm to go off at 10a.

10a: I’m having the carrot one. I’m going to knock out the three I don’t love first today and I’m drinking from the bottle (easier to chug). The juice is well settled and needs a good shake.

I’m still calling this one carrot milk as that’s the flavor profile. It’s very basic as opposed to acidic. I am shaking between each sip due to settling, but again, I think that’s because my juices were frozen. They were pressed in Nashville on Thursday, frozen Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and began to dethaw on Sunday. They were first opened Monday. So, completely against the advice of the juicer, but I had no choice. The flavor is fine.

I’m taking a different approach on the juice today as I am chugging more so than savoring.

Some side effects so far: bad breath and FULL bladder.

Really with this, you aren’t hungry, there just isn’t any emotional satisfaction with what you’ve had. It’s not like, “Wow! That was an amazingly tasty meal!” It’s more like, “Oh, there’s my alarm…better have another juice…oh, ok. Just two and a half hours to the next one.” Which, I guess, is good. I’m not sure food should be as emotional as it is. That may be part of the problem.

In a Women’s Health and Fitness article called Emotional Eating, psychologist Louise Adams is quoted as saying, “In our modern world, where food is everywhere, where snacking is encouraged and where advertising promotes emotional eating, we all eat emotionally.” The article continues, “While emotional eating may be an occasional and temporary way of seeking short-term relief, it can become troublesome both psychologically and nutritionally if left to become a habitual way of dealing with emotional turmoil. Emotional eating occurs in the absence of physical hunger and according to psychologists, can be categorized as an ‘avoidance coping’ strategy. Emotional eaters typically eat food they enjoyed in childhood as well as high-fat or high-sugar snacks, which trigger a serotonin response in the brain, causing the emotional eater to experience pleasure while eating.”

BINGO! See Oreo binge, Peeps consumption in previous blog. Not to mention cake for breakfast last week and eating when bored just because a tasty treat is available or eating a whole bag of gummy worms because I need to get rid of them so I won’t be tempted all week!

I also suffer from self-sabotage. Sure, I’d like to lose seven to 10 pounds. So I work out (most weeks I do three days of barre3, work with my trainer once, and do a cardio session by myself once) and try to eat healthy. But when I have a good week where I work out a lot or am down a few pounds, I subconsciously agree to “reward” myself with a bad day–sodas, cookies, mall samples, milk shake, pretzels, candy–just because I can and then I not only feel horrible physically, but emotionally too. My “reward” turns into a psychological punishment. I’m conquering that some with this cleanse because I am battling the demon saying, “You stayed on cleanse all day yesterday. That donut couldn’t hurt THAT bad!” But I know it will hurt my psyche. I’ll know I didn’t succeed and I’ll know I HAD to cheat. It would probably taste good. REALLY GOOD because its all hot and warm and gooey and sweet, but right after I ate it, I’d feel bad and think, “I shouldn’t have done that. It wasn’t THAT good. Was it worth it just for one? Well I already messed up, so I can have another or two.” It’s exhausting!

This cleanse definitely eliminates that. There isn’t much emotion but there is disappointment that you aren’t eating what you want, it is just accompanied with the realization that you also aren’t deprived or starving. It’s a crazy thing to experience.

11:45a: It’s about 45 minutes to my next juice and I’m experiencing a low level headache (like my eyes feel tired) and I’m a teeny bit hungry (tiny hunger pangs). I’m sipping some water now, but may move my next juice up some. I’m just trying to stretch right outside of the two hour mark. I think the hunger is coming on more quickly because I chugged the last juice. Maybe I should drink them a bit more slowly so they stay with me a little longer.

12:30p: Sipping my 8oz water helped and I walked around the office some. It’s time for my third juice today. I’m gonna have apple, carrot, ginger (even though that will be two carrot ones back to back) since I want to sip it a bit more. I’m gonna drink the beet one right before barre3 since I’m probably going to drink that one faster. That leaves the grapefruit one for the afternoon and the almond for the end of the day.

When I finish this juice, I’ll be exactly halfway through the cleanse.

I think all these juices would taste great with vodka or rum in them (except the almond might need Bailey’s).

2:25p: Its about 35 minutes to my afternoon juice. I am getting hungry again. I’d say my pangs are about a 4. My stomach just gurgled (not a full growl, but a definite rumble). I’m also feeling a subtle pressure above my right eye. I took about 30 minutes to drink my last juice…I tried to take it a little slower hoping to stave off any hunger until right before my next juice. (Another belly gurgle.)

Eight more ounces of water might help some. I’ll start sipping that some now.

Normally, I’d grab a couple bucks and head into the mall to grab something to satisfy that hunger immediately…a pretzel or a cinnamon roll. Those are what I really want and I’m feeling a little blue about more juice. Like I said, no satisfaction with food during this, just matter of fact consumption of liquid.

I just closed my office neighbor’s door with my eyes closed to quell the temptation of Reece’s Cups.

3pm: The water didn’t help much with hunger. It helped for a minute then I got busy with work to distract me until now. My stomach growled.

I’m going to try to sip this one too. It’s the “c ya.” So it tastes like grapefruit and is really juicy. And isn’t grapefruit a natural hunger combatant?

After this, my next juice is beet (right before barre3 class) and that will be a quick one.

Are you seeing I’m struggling to stay in the “now” today? I’ve barely taken a sip from this juice and I’m already thinking about the next one. I’ve also already started figuring out what I’m going to eat on Thursday. I’m going to do a clean smoothie with protein in it for breakfast and an avocado-cucumber soup for lunch. (I’m supposed to gradually introduce foods back into my diet being careful of lean meats right away.) I’m still figuring out snacks, but I know I’ll be eating out Thursday night because we are seeing Avett Brothers that night.

I will say that the “c ya.” juice is GOOD. It is 100% my favorite.

4:33p: It’s an hour until my next juice. I drank “c ya” very slowly. And I’m not hungry yet, but my mouth feels fuzzy…especially the back of my front teeth. I got some gum from a coworker to help with that. Hopefully it will stay fresh from now through my class tonight.

I’m interested to see how hungry I’ll be after my class since it can be a pretty intense workout. I think the calorie burn is between 350-400 at least. I’ll drink the almond to end the day again around 8p, about an hour after my class ends.

Beet is next. :/

5:30p: Chugged 8oz water and opened the beet juice. I basically guzzled it down in about three minutes as I walked into my barre3 class. I’m a little nervous about potty breaks evoked by this one. I chose a space by the door in case I needed an emergency exit! The hubs says these classes are basically an hour exercise in not farting. Sometimes I think he’s right. Fingers crossed.

I’m pretty much ready to be done with this! Not that it’s been super hard, just monotonous.

7p: Made it through barre3 with no “slips.” Off to the grocery for Thursday’s meals and then home.

7:30p: The grocery store was a bit of a temptation; especially because I was at EarthFare where all the food is just out and open. Got some soups, some fruit, some vegetables and some almond crackers and hummus.

I packed my lunch for Thursday so it would be ready and I can visualize it tomorrow.

I’m starting the day off with a protein smoothie (blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, almond milk and vanilla). For lunch, creamy broccoli soup with broccoli from my garden chopped up in there topped with some cheddar cheese and served with cherry tomatoes. For a snack, some garlic hummus with a Fuji apple and almond crackers. As I said, for dinner, we will be heading to Avett, but I think that’s a pretty good start after the cleanse.

After I did that, I mixed up my almond milk. I put it in the blender with some honey and some mint leaves from my garden. I also heated it up a bit. The additions didn’t do much, but it made me feel better.

I have a little bit of a headache, but I’m actually quite full right now.

I’m watching the So You Think You Can Dance audition show right now being super excited about my food on Thursday–I don’t know if thinking ahead will turn out to be a good thing or not.

Here’s to finishing day two staying on cleanse. I hope my juices are still good tomorrow and I can make it through the whole day! Thanks for sticking with me!


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  1. Kathy

    Wow! I’m impressed! This can’t be easy. Hang in there, you can do anything for three days.

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