Juice Cleanse: The End is Near (Day 3)

This is the last day of my juice cleanse.

I woke up this morning to the sound of two trains passing in my back yard. I got up and started my day, but didn’t start my first juice until a little after 8a.

I chugged some water before I left the house and opened my juice in the car. These things are FULL so I almost always have a little overflow when I open them. No different this morning when I opened the green juice. Luckily only a sip went into the cup holder, some dribbled on the seat, and some on my herringbone skirt. Hope the car doesn’t stink this afternoon.

Green juice is sweet again this morning. Did require a VIGOROUS shake though, as they all will I’m sure. Maybe I should have started with the beet juice to get it out of the way.

I’m sipping this one, like a normal juice…for now. I think I’ll drink carrot next. I left the grapefruit one at home to be my last one today since its my favorite.

10:15a: My alarm went off at 10a for my second juice, but I had forgotten to change the alarms around to account for starting my first juice around 8a. I’m sipping water now. Juice 2 is at 10:30a.

I’m gonna drink the almond milk next (mainly because I’m worried about its viability this late in the game). I noticed this morning I had the Day 2 almond milk today, so I must’ve had Day 3 almond milk yesterday. I’m not sure their days mean anything other than to help the juicer determine how many of each someone needs. Who knows though, Day 3 might’ve been the most recently pressed. Anyway, I’m drinking Day 2 almond milk today (Day 3).

I’m gonna so beet right before I go to the gym again. As I said before, I’m finishing the day with “c ya.” so that puts the two carrot ones back to back again.

10:30a: Almond juice is getting a little frothy, but it still tastes fine. This is the first time I’ve had it plain so far. It tastes like watered down almond milk (unsweetened and not vanilla flavored, of course). No real flavor other than almond milk. No big deal.

Haven’t been hungry yet today. Still just moving through the juices, but I do think yesterday really was “the hump.” I’m much more centered and focused today. I think packing my lunch for tomorrow might’ve helped with that because I know now it is already taken care of and ready for me to just grab and go.

Barre3 might’ve also helped with the centering. If you haven’t tried Barre3, go there. NOW! And try it. It is so centering and balancing. It’s all about the mind-body connection. I used to think that stuff was mumbo jumbo, but I swear by it now. I always feel so much better after a class.

My body feels lighter and I feel good. I haven’t had much in the way of stomach trouble or “emergencies” beyond a super FULL bladder all day. So besides the mental combat involved with the juice cleanse, it hasn’t been that bad. Mindless and monotonous, but not bad.

Eating healthy can be exhausting, especially when you’re planning meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner) to eat every four hours (to regulate blood sugar). It’s overwhelming and stressful, but worth it. I’m hoping this kickstart will be a strong jumping off point. I’m going to stick with fruits and veggies for a couple more days (mostly, we will have to see about dinner Thursday and Friday) and try to really focus on clean healthy meals.

11:08a: Finished the almond milk. It was a little thick towards the bottom due I settling. Had an “urge” come on pretty quick and made a dash for the bathroom. First time for that the whole cleanse. If that continues, I see why you’d introduce solids slowly. (TMI? Hey, you’re the one still reading about the cleanse, jack!)

12:30p: Had been fine up to now with no cravings and was in a totally positive headspace until I got some particularly frustrating news after a work call. I’m so mad I could spit. Now the only thing I can think about is a big ole greasy cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake.

This is a key problem with my eating habits. Everything was totally fine and I was super on track, and now, because I’m pissed off, I’m ready to self-sabotage. I FEEL like a big junky lunch would make me feel better. I FEEL like eating a crappy meal would calm my anxiety and annoyance. When really I KNOW it will just make me feel worse and more pissed off that another person sent me down this negative mental path. I’m sad I’m having juice for lunch. Ready to emotionally eat? Yeah. Pissed? You bet. Next juice in a half hour. Yeah beets! Not! Grr.

1:00p: Having my second favorite juice in order to try to lift my spirits a bit. Apple, carrot, ginger instead of beet.

I was getting over the previous annoyance I was coping with when another one came up. I had my water, now I’m drinking my juice. My mood is sour though. Still want a jar of marshmallow fluff!

3:30p: I’m in a better headspace now and it’s time for juice number 4. I took an office poll based on color (orange or purple–carrot or beet) and got one of each and my assistant who loves purple was the tie breaker, so beet it is. I drank eight more ounces of water and gave the beet juice a good shake. Bottoms up.

It’s not that bad really. It’s just a unique flavor that I’m not used too. It’s been kind of cool to have these water based drinks without sugar. I haven’t really been super hungry at all and my cravings have been minimal (with the exception of the emotional ones). There really have been no averse health side effects and I am surprised that I haven’t been just absolutely miserable the whole time. I thought I would be, but was going to push through anyway, and that hasn’t been the case at all.

Side effects so far: bad breath (gum fixed that), FULL bladder (duh, I’m
consuming a minimum of 146.7 ounces of liquid daily), one “emergency” (no big deal), huge introspection.

I’ll be drinking the carrot one right after I finish at the gym (6p). I’m going to do some elliptical time.

4:16p: Second “emergency” today and I just turned down a free chocolate milkshake (well my assistant director turned it down for me). Thank goodness I’m almost there.

6:00p: Just got home from the gym. I did 30 sweaty minutes on the elliptical. Go me! I also walked into the wrong locker room as I was leaving. I was at the Merchants gym and walked right into the locker room…straight ahead I saw a body in the shower and thought to myself, “Huh, I thought that was a hot tub.” My thoughts then proceeded as follows, “Wow, that’s a naked person, oh my god, that’s a man, OH MY GAWD THOSE ARE….” Luckily, no one (inside the locker room) saw me, but a guy outside had run on to tell me. He grabbed my arm and was like, “Hey, totally not trying to scare you, but this is the guys locker room.” I thanked him, but said, “I know. It’s too late, I’ve seen too much.” Totally red faced, I skulked out of the gym with my sunglasses on.

Now I’m sitting at my kitchen table blogging and drinking carrot juice. Once I get this one down, I’ll shower up and wait until the alarm sounds for my final juice. Yeah! Tomorrow will be like Christmas morning. Have you ever met a person more excited about broccoli soup?!?!?!

8:30p: Just got back from Old Navy where we picked up some new swimmies for the hubs. Now it’s time for MY.LAST.JUICE. I saved my favorite until last today. See ya later, juice!


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  1. Kathy

    Woot! Woot! Yay Abbey!

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