Boy, oh BOY!

Ps. How strange is it that my last post is about a juice cleanse and now I’m posting about baby gender. What a time warp!

Ok, for reals this time…

I was completely shocked. T and I both really thought it would be a girl. Only a few people said, late in the game, that it would be a boy. But the doc and ultrasound tech said there was no question. So funny!

I am thrilled though. We are thrilled! We are naming the baby after both of our grandfathers (my Pop’s first name and carrying on middle name lineage of the men in Tanner’s family). And, especially this week of our shared birthday, it just seemed such a fitting tribute. We’ve had the name picked out forever in case of a boy and it was no question when we found out today. It will be a big name for a little boy, but I know he already deserves it. đŸ™‚

Time to get planning!


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