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The Wedding Photos Are Available!!!

Well, the fabulous Katherine Birkbeck has delivered! She sent us our amazing wedding photos (and there are a lot of them). Some of you have seen the online album already, but these albums contain EVERY.PHOTO.SHE.TOOK in black and white and in color. I’ve uploaded the photos to Snapfish so you can go on and look through (I haven’t even seen them all) and order what you want.

There are four albums with A TON OF PICTURES each. Enjoy!

Wedding Album 1 (928 photos)

Wedding Album 2 (719 photos)

Wedding Album 3 (659 photos)

Wedding Album 4 (425 photos)

We were so happy to share our day with you all and are now so happy to share our photos with you. We can’t say it enough, Katherine did an amazing job and highly suggest that if you have something you need photos taken of that you call her up. She’s amazing and so very talented.  She truly turned our rainy wedding day into a master piece of photos and we couldn’t believe how well she captured the happiness and joy that we were feeling. We would recommend her over and over and over again. KB Photography. Give her a call. 🙂


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Babies Are On The Way!

Haha. Got ya!I needed a good hook line to get you all to read my blog after I’ve been gone from it for so long. What better than announcing babies?! Plus, would I really announce a baby on my blog before telling our family? I hope none of you are thinking that I would! haha. Take a big breath Mom and Silvia! I know you were nervous! 🙂

Babies ARE on the way, but not ours! Not for a long while. It’s a bit too early for that for us!

But Raluca and Chris’s baby is coming soon and I’m helping throw them a shower today. I’ve made 4 dozen mini cupcakes and decorated them with pink and orange frosting with pearl, orange and pink sprinkles and they’re going to be delicious. Lita and Jordan have made red velvet cake balls and I believe that Molly has orchestrated us some delicious fixings for Bellini’s. I can’t wait to meet baby Eliza and I know that she is just going to be amazing (because her parents are).

My bff Steph has a baby on the way too. I think it’s going to be a boy. They won’t find out for another little bit. Baby Patrick won’t be here until November, but my little Steph is looking so cute with the little baby bump and I know they are so, so excited. I am pumped to spoil her little nugget rotten and can’t wait to meet it (still an “it” for now until I know for sure what “it” is!

We have a summer full of festivities coming up. Lots of weddings, lots of travel, hopefully lots of fun, too!

A couple weekends ago we went to the Lost Sea with Kelly, Brian and Alison. We went on Sunday and had a pretty good time.  This summer, we hope to do a lot of the little day trip tourist things that our great state has to offer. Also on the to do list is See Rock City and Ruby Falls. A day in the Smokies might be on there too and (though Tanner doesn’t want to) probably a trip to Dolly Wood (I still have a “Bubba for a Day” coupon from Christmas that I didn’t use on dance lessons for the wedding, so he might be in trouble)!

Here is our framily (friend family) photo of our trip to the Lost Sea:

Framily Trip to the Lost Sea Adventure

Also last week, I went to the dam with my favorite friend, my mom. They opened the flood gates at the dam last week and spilled for ten days. If you haven’t ever seen it, you missed it this time, but I recommend that the next time you hear about it, you make a trip out to Anderson County to see it. Here’s a WBIR link to the story about it –>

The spilling of the dam holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it a beautiful and amazing sight to behold, but my grandparents (Nana and Pop) took me there over 13 years ago. That trip and their desire for us to take it with them resonated in me and the majesty of it always overwhelms me. Norris Lake is my favorite place on the planet and something about the roughness of the water coming over the edge of the dam combined with the eerie calmness at the top and on the marina side is truly a sight to behold. Honestly, the next time it happens…get out there and take a look. You surely won’t be disappointed.

A truly beautiful thing to behold.

Me and my bestie...thinking about our favorites!

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much, but during the wedding planning, the blog really helped me to keep things in order and be able to go back and track all that we’d been up to. Now that the wedding is over and we’re settled back into normal life, there isn’t much to blog about. We are almost done with the house updates.  I still haven’t finished painting our bedroom, but I did get my Nana’s bedroom furniture to tide us over until we are able to find some for ourselves. Also, our porch hasn’t been done yet, but we’ve talked to someone and he’s supposed to be coming to do it when he can fit us in.  It doesn’t seem like he wants our money that bad. He just lives down the street and so we told him that when he could get to it would be fine because we’re not in a huge rush, but it appears neither is he. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he’ll get to it soon. I’ll probably call him this week to say, “Hey, we weren’t kidding ,we want our porch done.”

I still have the honeymoon posts in the queue on here and am hoping to get some free time sometime to get finished. I need to do it soon because it’s almost time to post wedding pictures.  We got our disks from our amazing photographer Katherine and I’m in the process of uploading them to our (my mom’s) Snapfish photo account.  When they’re up, I’ll go through and select our favorites and send out a link to everyone so you guys can order whatever you want too.  I can already tell that there is some really great stuff we haven’t seen yet.

I’m still loving my job and am still feeling very challenged by it. It is a lot of fun and I’m excited to see where the opportunity takes me and my family.

Other exciting news…Katie is graduating soon and Tanner and I couldn’t be prouder of her.  I’ll be celebrating with her next, next week while Tanner is in Memphis for BBQ Fest (remember, I told him that that trip could be a Tanner-only trip because it’s too much for me). I hope to maybe finish painting while he’s gone…but would also really like to get it done this week so it’s finished when everyone comes over for Mother’s Day dinner next Sunday.  Still no idea what I’m going to make, but I can promise it will be good and, if the weather is nice, we’ll eat on our back patio with the whole family. I’m kind of excited about that! I think it will be a fun evening for all.

Well…I’m off to finish last-minute prep for Raluca’s baby shower and other fun things. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Saturday after the few days of terrible weather we’ve had! Love to all!

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We’re Back

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted ANYTHING and I know I’ve started the last few blogs with, “I know it’s been a while…” but the lack of blog is truly evidence of how busy we’ve been. Since we got back from the honeymoon, we’ve been in a tizzy to get the house organized.

We were so blessed to have gifts waiting on us when we got back, but with that came the need to catalog (for thank you notes), unpackaging (but also trying to keep our house from being overrun with boxes of things for the trash), then finding a home for everything. Well, we’re finally done finding a home for (almost) everything! We’ve put up shelving in the garage and really gotten that organized. We’ve finished some of our major home projects (like painting the downstairs and taking care of the hallway and stairwell and laundry room). We’ve started painting our bedroom. We had someone come and paint our shutters. We’ve hung new blinds on every window. We’ve got our new bedding put out. We replanted the front yard. We’ve rearranged some furniture and are just now starting to feel in control of our house again.  It looks great!

So, though it’s been a long time coming, we’re finally starting to feel in charge again. We are so grateful for all the love and support our friends and family have shown us. Our house is truly a home now and we have all of you to thank for helping enable us to make that happen. From the wonderful home wares (like picture frames and candles) to storage (like shelving bought with gift cards) to paint and tools, we can only offer thanks to all of our friends and family for taking such good care of us. It feels amazing and we are thankful everyday for everything we have.

At this point, all that is really standing between us and having the whole inside of the house done is finishing painting our bedroom. After that, I could touch up the trim, door frames and doors as I felt like it. And, of course, we have to hang pictures and art (but are waiting to order wedding pictures until we get our disks). After that, on my list, is to pressure wash the house and have our front porch done (which will hopefully happen soon).  Mom would say that we need to stain the deck, but we’ll probably continue to put that off. 🙂

Aside from working on getting the house organized, I’ve been really busy at work. I LOVE my new job and enjoy the challenge it provides. I’m excited to go to work everyday AND have actually managed to stay OUT of the stores beyond what my job requires. I mean, I’ve done a little shopping (who are we kidding), but on pay-day I get paid instead of getting a note from my boss that says, “You owe the mall this much money!”

Hopefully now that things are settling down a bit we’ll be able to keep you updated more, but I can make no promises for now. We’re embarking upon wedding season and will be attending quite a few this summer. We’ve got some trips planned and will be busy through the summer, but, like I said…I’ll try to do better. I know it’s been a long time and that you also haven’t even seen al the honeymoon blogs yet. I’m working on those, but it’s taking time!

Thanks for being patient and understanding. We’ve been working hard and still have a few things to do before we’re back to “normal” and, like I said, I love my job and so that really cuts down on the time I’ve got to update and that’s good news for sure!

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Honeymoon Sunday

Though the wedding was perfect and EVERYTHING we wanted it to be (despite the rain), the honeymoon started a little rocky.

Before we get into all the honeymoon stuff, if you haven’t seen our wedding pictures yet (just a preview of them) then you definitely should. Katherine Birkbeck (of Katherine Birkbeck Photography) did an amazing job with our pictures. Here is the link to her blog of our photos. Also, she has a facebook page, so check that out, too.

Here’s a short preview of a few of our favorites.

Some of my bridesmaids seeing me in my dress for the first time.

Pre-Wedding Photo in the Church

The rain stopped just long enough for us to get a few photos outside.

Mom is so proud of this...but I was so thirsty!

Sisters laughing about wedding things.

Groomsmen in the wilderness

Like I said, that’s just a VERY small sample of what she’s put out…and a smaller sample of what we will get, so check out the links above for more.  Also, brides reading this…or future brides reading this…splurge for your wedding pictures. Scrimp on other things. It rained all day of our wedding and without a photographer as good as Katherine, we wouldn’t have gotten pictures half as good as we did. She was a trooper and was just stern enough with our rowdy crowd to make sure we got some good stuff. So, I’ll say it again…splurge on your wedding photographer…and USE KATHERINE!

Anyway, on to the honeymoon stuff…

After our wonderful reception and pyrotechnic exit, we got to the Airport Hilton in fine time thanks to mom, but it quickly went downhill from there. 🙂 Not really, but sort of.

We realized in the unloading area of the hotel that Tanner’s backpack (which included his passport and the flight information) was in the back of April and Mike’s car and they were in it on the way back to Corryton. Yuck!

Fortunately, we were able to get hold of them quickly and they brought us Tanner’s bag and its contents. Such wonderful friends to drive from Corryton to Clinton (for hair and makeup), then back to Corryton (to get the kids) and into Bearden (for the wedding), then downtown for the reception and back out to Corryton (to go home) only to turn around and drive out to Alcoa to deliver our missing backpack and passport to us. Mike and April really are the best!

After we got settled and felt confident we were going to be able to go on our trip, we got a little room service because we didn’t eat much at the reception. Some fruit, crackers, cheese and cookies…pretty good considering how hungry we were.

We got up at 3:45am (not much sleep) and walked to the airport in the freezing rain. Though it was all covered, it was very cold and yucky. Needless to say, we were very happy to be leaving Knoxville with a beach destination in sight!

The flight to Miami was fine. The in-terminal entertainment was pretty good, too, as we watched the stand-by scramble from Miami to New York. It was amazingly entertaining and one guy from the “show” actually got yelled at by another guy at the gate because he was being wildly inappropriate with a young lady. The guy almost beat his @$$. Pretty good close to the show and it left me pining for the next episode as we traveled back through Miami on the way home. We were set to have a pretty long lay over so my odds were good.  🙂


Two Bubbas waiting to board the plane!

We boarded the plane with little problem. We were supposed to maybe get an upgrade to first class, but the flight was crammed so we kept our seats in the VERY.BACK.OF.THE.PLANE, row 28 of 28. The gate lady offered to upgrade us to row 21 or 25, but we said, “No, that’s ok. We’re on our way to St. Kitts…so we’re happy to keep the seats we already have.” She said, “I would be too!” and we boarded the plane.

BUT the smoothness of our honeymoon travel ended there. We got stuck sitting on the runway. During the safety check, the crew came across an issue with one of the tires. The pilot said, “We are having some technical difficulties with one of our tires, so I’m going to have the safety crew come check it out. We should be in the air in less than 30 minutes though.”

An hour later, we were still sitting on the runway and the crew put “The Social Network” on the in-flight monitors and started passing out complimentary ice water. Bleh!

It was not looking good.

About a quarter through the movie, the pilot said, “We’ve almost got the tire on and just have to check it. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I’m not going to guess since I was wrong the first time and don’t want to be held to a departure time. Shouldn’t be long though.”

At 12:15pm, we were still sitting at the gate. We boarded the plane at 9:55a and we were supposed to take off at 10:55a.

At that point, we started flashing back to the Valentine’s Day episode of 30 Rock where Liz and Carol break up over his holding her and other passengers hostage on the plane forever.

As we started bumping up on three hours in the plane at the gate, we started to think they were going to deplane us…the couple that sat beside us had been trying to get to St. Kitts since 5:30pm SATURDAY night and had come from PA through NC and DC. It wasn’t looking great for us and we were beginning to get annoyed.

Instead of deplaning us, they gave us complimentary granola bars…things were really not looking good. Remember, we were at the back of the plane by the bathrooms!

After almost three hours on the runway, we finally got in the air and arrived in St. Kitts about 5:30–two hours later than we had hoped.


The airport St. Kitts...awesome!

Exhausted and hungry, we got through customs, got a cab (driver named Elvis Williams) and went to the hotel.

We checked in and started to unpack and find some place to eat. BUT, the first nights dinner equaled fail for us. It was good, but we were looking for more gross, greasy comfort food than what we got. After our dinner we explored some and found three places we would have rather eaten.

We chalked getting worked by the Marriott up to being so tired and hungry. In the long run though, that first meal really helped us out because we decided to eat off the resort for the rest of the week as often as we could. After dinner, we went back to our room and went to bed looking forward to the rest of our week and to kicking it off at the beach and pool.

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The Honeymoon Has Begun

So, even though our phones didn’t work, I decided to blog a little each day of the honeymoon so we could remember what we did while we were on our longest vacation ever.

I was going to do one long post, but, decided instead to break them up into days (at Tanner’s suggestion). Not sure how I’ll put them out, but, beware, the Harris Honeymoon posting will begin soon! I know you’re excited!

Keep in mind that the postings were done at random parts of the day. Though I’m going to try to get the grammar and tensing unified, I make no promises it will be perfect!

Before I start though, thanks to everyone who made our wedding weekend so perfect. We haven’t been able to stop talking about how lucky and blessed we are to have such wonderful friends and family who showered us with such an outpouring of love (puns intended because of the rain :)). We had so much fun and through all the stress of planning, it was so worth it. A special thanks goes out to Beth and Allison for helping ensure the Emporium was perfect as I couldn’t be there to help set it up. Their hard work made for a beautiful reception site. Thanks so, so, so, so much for that!

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The Wedding Festivities Start Today

I don’t have much time for a big post, but I’ll give you a little something just to kill the time as I wait for my mom to get over here to pick me up.

Right now, Tanner is telling me, “You’re close to the 50 pounds, Bubba.” I said, “It’s fine. I’m not worried.” And he said, “Ok…we’ll see.” 🙂

He always worries about it, but I’m sure I can scrounge up 60 extra bucks to pay for the extra weight. It’s my honeymoon!

In just a little bit, Mom will be here to pick me up. We’re going to load all the stuff we need into the car and then head to the bridesmaid’s luncheon. Then we’re going to pick up my dress and then get our nails done.  I’ll have A.LITTLE.BIT of downtime at home today before heading back out to Knoxville for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner at Club LeConte.

I am so excited to see some of my family that I haven’t seen in forever. A couple of family members couldn’t make the long trip (my cousin Michael and cousin Dagny and her family) but we’ll be celebrating with them in spirit.

I haven’t seen my Aunt Joy and Uncle Bobby or Aunt Helen and Uncle Alan in a VERY long time. Not to mention that the last time I saw Kristen and Tyler, they were in diapers. I am just bursting with joy right now and can’t wait to get the festivities started.

New friends and old are all pulling together to make the day perfect for me and Tanner and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited. Beth and Allison are working to make the reception beautiful…and they certainly have a bit of a challenge…but I have all the faith in the world they’ll be able to do it.  What great friends to offer to WORK while the rest of us are free and easy. True friends…true, true friends. I am so blessed. Thanks to Beth’s husband who will also be helping to set us up. What a good guy!

Anyway…now it’s time to check the list and see what all has to be done today.  Not much, I know…but seeing all the things checked off my list makes me feel really good. Tanner has a list too, but he’s being really gracious about getting those things done for me.  He’s really great!

Ok everyone…enough of the wedding ramblings. I’ll see you all soon.

Word on the street is that our names are on the church sign…so we’re practically famous. 🙂

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It’s My Last Day…

So, today is my last day at work.  I’ve finished all the projects I had in front of me, including a great broadcast message to our students about how to avoid bringing bed bugs back to campus after their spring break trips.

Now, I’m seriously just waiting for the day to end. I’m answering a few random emails, packing up the last few of my things in this office and ITCHING to get home.

Alas, I have Bag-a-Bargain shifting tonight which means from 5-9 I’ll be sorting through other people’s stuff and pricing it for the Bag-a-Bargain weekend. Don’t worry friends, I am not participating in Bag-a-Bargain…just doing a pre-sale shift tonight to help cut down on the make up work I have to do when I get back since I’m missing the biggest event of the year.

Since I last posted, I finished up the card box and made the place cards and table numbers for the rehearsal dinner. I also sliced my finger open while I was finishing the monogram for the top of the card box, but it’s definitely healing.  I’ve been applying neosporin every couple hours and putting new band-aids on.  Unfortunately, I’ve gone through two WHOLE boxes of band-aids, but it’s pretty much working. So keep your fingers crossed for a basically whole heal before I have to have my hands photographed.  Yeah…it was my left hand index finger.  It was a bad cut, but I manned up and (even though I cried when I put it under the water to rinse it out) it’s getting better.

Currently, I am excited to get home and start packing. I have a couple new swimmies (I couldn’t resist) and a few new dressies for the trip. I.hope.I.hope.I.hope.I.hope that the Bag-a-Bargain stuff goes by quickly tonight…not that I don’t want to hang out with my good friends in the alphabet nearest me in the provisional class, but I also want to get home and relax.

I DO have the whole day off tomorrow, but I have to go by the Emporium to do a walk through (and see the exhibit–keep your fingers crossed it’s good); pay All Occasion’s Party Rentals and drop off the floor plan for them; go take some money out of my account; and several other simple things that I have left to do…most of which escape me right now because my list is not RIGHT.IN.FRONT.OF.ME. Oh yeah, I’m going by the church too to make sure the bulletin is ready to go.

I am just so freaking excited I can’t wait to get all this underway.  I just can’t wait to marry Tanner and celebrate with all of our friends and family…Goodness, the excitement is almost too much to bare!

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